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Powwow Time is proud to do business with Turnkey Internet, where we are now hosted on a high performance KVM VPS. Our website images and certain scripts are also hosted by Jetpack and our website is served to you, our honored visitors, through Cloudflare. Unlike some of the “discount” web hosts we’ve been tempted to try recently, Turnkey Internet is one of the mainstream hosting providers that has been around many years and hosts millions of websites. They held a SALE that provided us the opportunity to get world class web hosting and stay within our projected budget.


Our main goal for the next few days, besides celebrating the Holidays with friends and family, is to format web pages for all of the States and Provinces of the United States and Canada, plus International Pages to list powwows that are held overseas. Our information sources include other popular powwow websites (who are free to copy information from Powwow Time for events we are the first website to publish) as well as Facebook posts and hard-copy powwow flyers and posters we are handed along our travels.

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If you wish to submit a culturally appropriate photograph for us to consider adding to the auto-randomizing header banner at the top of our website, please email an 1188x240px crop. Please do not use professional photographers’ or other artists’ materials without their permission. If you are a photographer or arts-crafter and wish to submit an image of your work, you may watermark the image with your name, logo, website and/or other information you feel is appropriate. If you do not have immediate access to a photo editor that does this, you may request that we do so for you (a draft copy will be returned for your approval prior to adding your image to the banner rotator).