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To submit an event to Powwow Time, please either:

  1. Post it to our Facebook Page, or
  2. Send us an email
  3. Or fill out the Event Form below!
    You don’t have to create an account or login to use the Event Form. Information received from non-logged-in users is subject to verification before it gets published, but we will try to get that done as soon as we can. Thank you!

Event Form Notes (please read this over first):

  • Please use proper capitalization for the Event Title (no block capital letters).
  • Ignore “recurring event” options in most cases. (One example where you might actually use this option is for a monthly mini powwow.)
  • Enter only the first date if it’s a one-day event. Don’t worry about start times if this is a multi-day event. That might just confuse people.
  • You can select the Time Zone but it really doesn’t matter.
  • As you type the Location Name, go slow; if it’s already in our database (the same way that you are typing it right now) you will see it appear as you type it. If not, please add it as best you can. Double-check for street address on Google Maps or Open Street Maps. We know, some powwow arbors are down the third gravel road past tribal housing a mile off Reservation Road and they don’t have addresses, we get it, just do your best. You can drag the marker around on the map window.
  • Important! To add a full size poster image click Add Media in the Details section, upload your graphic image, and then choose the image from the directory it just went into. Yes, this is kind-of a two part step. You can still type out information if you wish, but you don’t have to, if you feel that your poster/flier image says enough. If you choose Event Image instead, it will show a thumbnail that could be hard to view for some users. We’re using a pre-made module for the website here, it is only customizable to a certain extent.
  • Select the Category. Initially, the only category visible might be “Powwows”, please select it anyway. Certain event lists won’t display it otherwise. We will be adding more categories in the future (e.g. stick games, rodeos, canoe journeys, native gym/field sports leagues and tourneys, etc.)
  • Bookings is not used right now, but you can enable it if you want. (Proposed feature?)
  • Finish by clicking Submit Event and we’ll have a look at it before publishing it to our users.

We hope this isn’t too much to ask!

Thank you!!


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